Andrei Dinu

Andrei qualified as a dentist in 2005 and started practicing in own private practice in Bucharest. In 2007 Andrei completed a Post Graduate Program in Dental Implants with the University of Bucharest and that was when he found the true joy of practicing dentistry. He graduated with merit a Master of Science in Oral Surgery at the University of central Lancashire and working towards completing a second program of Masters of Science in Dental Implants with the same University. His main focus is on providing dental implants and advanced restorative treatments along with aspects of oral surgery. For the past eight years Andrei has been receiving dental implant referrals from other dental clinicians in several practices across the South West of England and Wales. He is a strong believer in evidence based dentistry, always keen to better himself and keep up to date with latest treatment protocols as part of his goal to provide the highest standard of care for his patients.